I've been irked by some futuristic junkie "WolfpacSnakepit"
saying that it's time to move on from Super Mario Bros 3, as it was released in 1980s. Refer the post ""
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Personally I've not played it until today, since Wii is my first ever Video Game Console. I had only watched some guys play Mario in 1980s at a friend's place, and since I was a kid, I never got a chance to experience it first hand. Ever since that day, I was a fan of Mario. Finally I owned a Wii and the first thing I did was download Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 3 on VC.

So I wanted to put on a vote.
On the Level Of Difficulty Scale (1-10) 10 being Most Difficult, 1 Being Dumbest.. which do you rate higher?

Super Mario Bros 3
Super Mario Galaxy

My Rating

Super Mario Bros 3 - 8
Super Mario Galaxy - 4