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    Quote Originally Posted by Budo
    Well in the PC realm, the more people that know how to "glitch", the more quickly the devs are to throw out a patch. As opposed to them putting a ton of effort to close a "glitch" that only one person knows about.

    That's just related to games that can be patched though. I don't know how big of a patch it would take to fix the problem, but it can't be too large since the Wii does have limited storage space.
    in this case its the wii realm. ex. if a person is glitching or has infinite nades or w/e, then its most likely to reflect on the scoreboard. Theres a feature on EA servers to report the name of the person cheating. This feature is great cause if lots of people report them then they are getting banned. If lots of people know how to cheat then there will be alot more names to report thus greatly reducing the amount of reports per person. Its easier to fix that problem when only 1 person knows it and everybody reports them.
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