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Arg. I'm steadily getting annoyed at the shotgun.
Others run up behind you and get a good shot, killin' ya in one go!

And there's also the accidental team-mate kill by grenade!

I've been in the neagative scores lately.
But then there was that moment when I killed 5 guys in a row without dying today!

Was great. And I was even doubled teamed~

But the game hurts my hand for some reason. I can't play for long periods.

But add me on Trulen on EA Nation if you want. Send me a message, too. I'll jump in a match with ya.

EDIT: Well, got into an endless unranked match.
And I started killing people.
Funny thing was, I wasn't dying. At all.

I didn't really notice this until I got hit with a grenade, and then three guys from the opposite team unloaded their clip into me.
But I didn't die.

I knew I had the invicibility glitch. So I had a little fun with it and mowed down 3 people, but then felt sorry for a guy as I stood there and he shot me in the face with a shotgun 3 times and I didn't take damage. So I quit the game.
good for you quitting the game unlike some other douche bags who run it up to like 100 kills.