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    Preordered games question

    I preordered a bunch of games off wal-mart.com and it says they should arrive on the 15th. Will they actually get here then? Because it says they ship on the 14th which is odd because I didn't think they even got shipped until the 19th.

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    I was just at Wal-Mart about thirty minutes ago and talked to the dumbass electronics clerk about the Wii launch. Anyway, to make a not so long story shorter, he said that they should have the games in stock, on display, ready to sale on the 14th or 15th. Anyway, I've got a pre-order with Best Buy. I paid extra for next day shipping and it is estimated to arrive at my house on the 17th but I'm taking that a face value and I won't be too surprised if it gets pushed back.....so we'll see what happens. I will tell you that if I go by Wal-Mart next Wednesday and they have a copy of Twilight Princess and my Best Buy pre-order hasn't shipped I'll snatch that 'ho so fast the ink will come off the box, then I'll run home, and cancel the Best Buy order.
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