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    The Sims Comes to Wii

    Link to Original Article:

    Wii Lounge - Story: Sims title for Wii

    EA, the parent brand of Maxis, has revealed that it is currently developing a Sims title to be played exclusively on the Wii using the extensive and innovative motion sensing controllers and joysticks. Although The Sims is officially the biggest game franchise of all time, itís console ports have never been that successful. Whether their is a market for simulating games on consoles remains to be seen, but hopefully if EA can come up with something better than previous efforts, we will soon find out. Who knows, we might even see Spore on the Wii in the future.
    Fun game!

    EDIT: I didn't realize that this news was so old, the article posted in August, but they put it under the November Heading.... Sorry about that...

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    I have the sims on pc, but rarely go on it. It's ok i guess, and i think it would be quite interesting to see how they use the wiimote. Presumably they will just use it as a sort of mouse pointer to click on useable objects etc. i.e aim at bed and press 'A' to go to sleep. Perhaps they could make it more interesting than that though.

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