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Thread: High Replay

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    Lego Star Wars has a ton of content, and can be played co-op. Guitar Hero, Tiger Woods, Alien Syndrome, Ghost Squad, RE:UC, and Geometry Wars have the most replay value out of the games I own. Puzzle Quest has a ton of reply value too (I own the DS version). Link's Crossbow Training is pretty good for replay too, and I would play it more if I didn't have Ghost Squad and RE:UC.

    I also played Alien Syndrome for about three months straight with a friend in co-op mode. If you can get past the PSP-like graphics, then I would suggest getting that game. It has a leveling system for your character (lv. 99 max), and has skill, and weapon systems that are both upgradeable. If you've ever played Diablo, or any of the Diablo clones around, that's what this game pretty much is.

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    I dont agree with that replay games there. I dont play them anymore because its the same over and over.

    Every now and than when Im bored ill put in wiisports or for that matter mario kart double dash when I had the gamecube and It can occupy me for half an hour. And than it goes away for a week or 2

    Replay value to me ( and I also think to the officials ) stands for playing a game different when you play it the second time.

    This would be: Being on the enemy's side in a fps shooter, playing with different units in an rts or being a completely different class and allignment ( evil instead of good ) in an RPG
    Tip of the day:
    A big mistake a lot of you make is that wiiware games will be free.

    Wiiware is just the same like the virtual console. Its different in that it offers new games instead of old console games.

    I can think of some easy games ( Like tetris and some other in that direction ) that can be free but the majority will cost money.

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    games with online have more replay value
    like medal of honor 2
    and mario strikers
    i never played but heard good things about bwii
    i like redsteel in multiplayer mode i donno
    zelda is a game i spent 40 hours beating the 1st time if i want to beat it again would take less time but it would catch some dust between times playing

    if u dont like keeping games maybe u should consider getting a gamefly account or something

    what kind of games did u get before u got the wii
    what kinda games are u into that might help us get an idea of what games to recomend

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