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    Quote Originally Posted by iOwnage
    Doing that, almost completely defeats the purpose of having the gun add-on in the first place. The whole point of the zapper is to get the real feel that your holding a gun. Last time I checked, you don't have a long hunk of plastic hanging off a hand gun. You might as well just hold the wiimote and the chuck, rather than a gun and a chuck. Is there actually a difference?
    I think of the Wii Zapper as a Guitar stand, lmao... you dont need it but it is nice to have. also what dose the little symbol of a player icon next to the EA logo mean in online, i know a envelop means u got mail,??
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    I got the zapper for Christmas. For me, it was harder to use because it is harder to use grenades. Also, in zapper control screen to sprint you double-tap the nunchuck stick up. For me, it was no where near as responsive as the C button.

    I use it occasionally, but mostly (when I play--haven't played in anything in a while) I just play without it.
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