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    Ah, now I get where you are coming from. If I had both a 7.1 PC surround sound system and two tweeters and a sub for the TV then I wouldn't think the feature was necessary either.

    As for storing VC games on an external HDD, that would be awesome, but unfortunately it appears that Nintendo won't allow that as you can read in the following interview with Nintendo:
    Can games be stored on external media such as SD cards, and what happens if you run out of storage space?

    Nintendo: Games that are downloaded can be stored either to the Wii's internal memory (512MB) or onto SD cards, which plug into the SD slot on the front of the Wii. In addition the console also stores a history of all of your downloads so that if you have to delete any VC games for any reason you could re-download them for free at a later date.

    Will you be able to take your VC games to a mate's house, say, on an SD card?

    Nintendo: No. All VC games will be locked to the console they are downloaded on so even if they are on an SD card they can't be used on other machines. You will have to take your Wii with you.

    This is a pitty, but I imagine there will be an (illegal) way around this.
    Shoot, we're paying for these games, so why can't I bring them on an SD or HDD to a friend's house and play them just like any other game I buy? (I know it's to stop piracy, but when you can get ROMs of these games already on PC for free.)
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    Excellent. But this game is loosing its appeal to me. Its seems too arcady, which isn't a bad thing, its just that I want to use the controller and notice my movements more, and I don't think this is possible on excite truck because its too fast pace.

    Even though, I don't like NFS much, It will probably be my first racing game on the Wii.

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