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    Madden 08 Wii weapons?...

    How can I see the weapons on the players, I just rented this game today and it's looking pretty cool to me. But I can't see the weapons under the players. Is it because the weapons don't support online? Help here people. Also when playing online and you look at your play with B, can the opposite player see too?
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    As for the player weapons, they do apply in online (I think), you just cant look at them. They dont really do much of anything. I'm pretty sure that all they mean is that a player is really fast, or good at catching, or something, depending on the icon it shows. In a regular non-online game, to view what player weapons the players have, you hold the c button.

    And when you look at your plays in an online game, the other person cannot see them.

    I hope I helped. My madden name for online is uloseiwinlol, I hope to see you around.
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