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    the sad thing is, people are either laughing at the wii or feeling sorry for it. the wii has great potential, but it's still in its early stages. give it another year or two and WII'LL be doing all the laughing.
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    Ya i see what you are sayin Aow, but i personally dont give a crap about people bashing the wii. I also hate console wars too. I do not believe that there is a system that is the best, because it depends on what you like. I bought a Wii because i love most of Nintendos franchises. If a wii lover is bashing the PS3 or 360, then how is it different then them bashing on us? Everyone has their likes and dislikes of games, but it doesnt mean to make fun of the dislikes for the games. I also think that there shouldnt be game of the year from a sample of gamers (reviewers). I do not care whether a different game has game of the year that i wanted, because it doesnt matter what other people think of the game, it is what you think of it.
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