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    Quote Originally Posted by P4n7h3r
    Yes this is the device i need. I hate wifi connection its so slow and dodgy. And i read in a PC magazine that the wifi connection would not be great til 2010 onwards. 20mb broadband through a cable isp is what im using so i want to make the most of it.

    SORRY about triple post...lol...wouldnt let me edit reply

    Just my opinion, but I would get the Nintendo brand one, not the Datel brand one.
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    1. at the moment, you really don't need to buy any extra sd cards unless you plan on stuffing your wii with vc games. dunno if they're planning on releasing an exterior hard drive just yet.

    2. you can go online using a wireless router or an ethernet cable. and no, lag is not an issue.

    3. the wii's online capabaility is free of charge! all you need is a working (hopefully fast and reliable) internet connection.

    4. idk, my bff jill?
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    1. The Wii has 512mb of internal memory, plenty for all your save files, channels and what not. I have over 60 game saves on there, all the channels, downloaded several VC titles and still have a ton of space left.

    Also, if you wish to play Gamecube games you will need a Gamecube controller and a Gamecube memory card to save those games, as you can't save Gamecube games to the Wii's memory. So that saves you space, but costs a little more if you don't already own a Gamecube.

    2. If you don't have a wireless connection, you can use the Wi-Fi usb connector which is easy to install and fits into the usb drive on your computer. This then sends a signal to your Wii and is picked up, but to make this work you may need to turn off your Firewall so the signal reaches your console. If your Wii and PC are close to each other, you can also use a LAN adapter, usb end plugs into your Wii, then the other cord goes in between your computer and your internet modem.

    3. Internet and Online are free to use on the Wii.
    The card you may be confused with is the Points Card which can be used with the Wii Shop Channel once your internet connection is going. There you can download old favorites from systems like Super Nintendo, n64, Sega Genesis etc. or download new channels as well.

    4. Rare was bought by Microsoft, and Nintendo doesn't own the rights to those old games anymore or something. Or they own one or two, its confusing but I don't think we will see those games anytime soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sumn0ob
    So all we have to do to become mods is be online all time I can do that on break which is now

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    Why do people say that 512 MiB is enough memory? It isn't. I'm out of memory.
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