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    Quote Originally Posted by AtomicB
    I like to run out of sniper ammo, kill someone, take their gun, kill another, take their gun, and so on. It gives you a feeling of invincibility.
    That's the way you have to play in CTF sewers (since the ammo reloads disappear super fast). I hate it because I always end up using freakin sgt44's for extended periods. I hate those.

    Sniping skill comes in little time. You can perfect it in no time. Just play a lot of CTF in Village.
    I've definately seen improvement. I was pulling an average of 3 to 1 on a gewer and 2 to 1 K : D. I topped out at 5 to 1 before the night ended as I improved my handgun skills for those close encounters. My problem is that if the flag is in trouble, I'll endanger myself to save it. I've seen other snipers make a massive scorefest out of CTF, but then they never let themselves be subjected to SMG fire, and they never sacrifice their body to protect the flag or make scores.

    My last game of the night was about 12 rounds of 3 score Sewer CTF. My team lost 1 game. I switched to the losing team about 4 times, and every time I switched, my new team started winning. It doesn't help my rank, but I do take pride in that.

    I always start my play-time with an unranked match. You know, to readjust.
    I moved over Christmas time, and didn't play for a week. My settings are turned almost all the way up: bounding box is smallest, horizontal turn speed is about 85%, aiming whatever is also about 80%. When I first plugged it in again, I got dizzy playing. I could barely keep down my lunch, much less kill anything.

    I spent most of that day on unranked servers.

    That, my friend, is my signature. I plan on refreshing it with a new fact every day.
    Nothing wrong with that.

    Very informative, though.

    Though, I still think there were better ways to end the war than to drop a nuclear bomb on civilians. That's a war-crime. But I suppose in those days, everyone was committing a war crime.
    There may have been other ways, my main point is that there wouldn't have been fewer civilian causalities if the bombs hadn't been dropped (also that Japan, and most of it's civies were scarcely "innocent"). We didn't have smart bombs back then. Their navigation subsystems were "gravity". The A-bomb is spectacular and fast, but All the other methods of attacking Japan involved massive civilian casualties (had they been on out shores, the same would have been true, and the same was true as Germany rolled through Europe)--especially since part of Japanese production was taking place in homes and backyards as the entire population banded together to win. Differences in casualties between tokyo firebombings a week before the first abomb and the first abomb weren't that much. Is there any greater morality in taking 24 hours to kill 50,000 plus than it doing it in seconds?

    As to "war crime", I'm not sure there is such a thing. Sunzi (Sung Tzu) was in favor of all out, unrestrained war--not because it got him to his desired victory sooner, but on the moral grounds that war needed to be ended as soon as possible. War is hell. I think prolonging it is more of a crime than ending it quickly.

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    sniping in ctf gets fuking annoying. aiming at the enemy spawn point and pressing b does NOT make you good at sniping.
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    well if done properlly the blitzkrieg is the best way to murder the other team. you can also try to trick them into thinking your coming on one side but are coming on the other by using grenades. these only work in ctf. but in the sewer, there are numerous spots where you can through a greanade into the enemies side without actually going in.

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