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    what launch titles you guys planning on getting?

    hey, just wondering what games you guys are planning on getting at the launch of the wii?

    think im gonna go for zelda & red steel obviously, wii play and maybe excite truck? cos i want a racing game, dunno much about the game & at first i thought it looked abit crap but i've just been watching the videos and looks like maybe it could be pretty good. but then again theres also the new NFS... hmmmm... anyways hopefully thoes titles should keep me busy till the new mario title & smash bros are released =D

    btw.. whats the deal with the lack of bots on the multiplayers of red steel AND excite truck!? i know some people hate bots but they do add another aspect to multiplayer games & it seems like they may have been left out due to pure laziness?!

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    Sorry man this thread really has been posted a ton of times, try the search to pull up a more recent one.

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