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    Quote Originally Posted by Arsid
    ...I already pre-ordered SSBB and I have $100

    ....so I have money for either GH3 or SMG+MP3 which brings us back to the original topic....
    Why not spend $50 on something other than a Wii game? SMG alone should last you until SSBB, unless you play for more than perhaps 2 hours per day. Then, once you get brawl, you'll be set for video games until this summer at least. I'd get another Wiimote, if I were you, instead of MP3. You'll need that Wiimote once Brawl comes out.

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    get gh3. it's one of those games you never get tired of because of it's great online multiplayer. mp3 looks pretty...but loads of people just don't care for it's actual gameplay. not to mention it's lack of split-screen. and smg is a great game and all...but...uh...well it's amazing.

    so i guess that narrows it down to getting gh3 or getting smg and saving 50$ it all comes down to what type of game you're in to.
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