God, some of you totally missed my point.

Of course there are exceptions to every demographic I mentioned. You have to realize that there are roughly 20 million plus gamers out there based on all these statistics that are being thrown around by the gaming companies. With that being said, my demographics were taking into account the majority of gamers within the demographics.

Of course there are going to be people of every age range that like this game, and of course there are people out there that like anime/games like Zach and Wiki--but the MAJORITY do not, hence the terrible sales numbers. These games simply do not appeal to the vast majority of gamers like a Zelda, or even a Bioshock do. Why you ask? Because they are not the type of games that todays mainstream gamer wants to play based on my earlier writings.

And to the guy who attempts to equate Pokemon to anime type games, you've got to be kidding me. Pokemon was huge with KIDS, not the over 18 demo-- I should know, I was 18 when Pokemon fever hit the US, and I can tell you that those games were the furthest things from our minds back in 1998-1999. But you did prove my point pretty well, Zach and Wiki's art style is popular with the kids..and NMH probably will be too.

And to the guy who says he doesn't see kids playing NMH bc there parents won't let them..is that a joke? You should see how many little kids are on Halo 3/ COD4 on a nightly basis playing online. I agree with you that kids shouldn't be playing that game, but it aint happenin..welcome to America 2008. Ohh, and I know about the mini game system in NMH, and not only do I not see myself playing it, but I can't really see my 60 year old parents buying that game because of the mini games- or it appealling to them at all.

Final thought- Comparing Gears of War to NMH storywise? Are you serious? Come on!! Gears was a great sci-fi tale--not about a kid who buys a lightsaber off of ebay then becomes the hero of a gritty world.