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To be honest, I'm not sure KH3 would work on PS3. There seems to be a lack of games for kids and girls on there (that are exclusive anyway).

I'd say that the Wii would hit KH target audience better atm.

Besides, the Wii's motion controls, even if it worked like Twilight Princess, would absolutely suit Kingdom Hearts. Think about it, swing to swing, B-button to lock on, A button to jump, + and - could probably switch keyblades in real time, D-pad would be the quick magic/items and the C and Z buttons could be menu scrolling (well, the action menu, not the main one). A-button could also be for magic (with charging system), freeing up the ability to perform physical/magic combos, with the pointer where you want the spell to be cast.

Or of course, flicking the wiimote up could be to jump. Worked pretty okay in Metroid with the morph ball (although may have to be refined a bit more).

I think it's definately do-able, and probably the best place for the series to stretch out onto.
Yay Squall approves of a Wii KH3. Squall is the best guy here so YAAAAAY!!!