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    I guess the original getting re-released on the PS2 in Japan rules out us getting it on the VC.
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    I'm sorry but Sony did not deserve Nights. They have more than enough exclusives to bleed dry, they don't need to assimilate one of the few remaining sega exclusives that to this day remain fun.
    Seeing as he sonic has become a gamble as to the worth of his latest exploits.

    Nights was originally just about the joy of flying and little else..mediocre story, decent visuals (for its day), and a very unique control scheme. All these elements came together to create one of the best known killer apps for the Saturn.
    Seeing as how most kids went with sony at the time, few remain that recall the enjoyable experience of seeing how many links you could rack up before time ran out and all your precious blew chips went flying all over the place..then there was that ever-present and annoying easter-egg clock...I still hate the thing.

    The Wii title tries hard to re-capture the elements that made the original so great. Although they kind of missed the mark with the wii-mote controls, the Game cube controller , and classic controller both feel right at home.

    There are some flaws with the game..load time are kind of annoying, the voices are alright, but Nights sounds a bit androgynous. I think they intended this though, to make you wonder at to it's gender (although it is referred t as "he" in the game a few times in the wii title, the instruction booklets for both games state that we don;t know what gender nights is. Kind of a moot point but something I found worthy of mention since they thought that deep to try and keep you guessing.
    The voice work I find bearable but not great. The graphics kind of made me wonder "was this the best you could do with ten years time and graphically competent hardware?" I mean they graphics aren't bad to me, just "lacking" if you will. I just feel they could have done a little better is all.

    The other two issues I have are things I consider minor. You cannot skip cinema tics and there seem to be a bit of them..(not that I mind really)

    The other issue is if you die in a level in stead of restarting right where you die, you gotta start the whole level over again.

    I liked the game but then again, I'm a fan of the original, and have always held a fond place on my heart for the childhood memories of this game. Rent it for yourself before passing judgment, you my be surprised.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Extra Life Mushroom
    I just think most people who didn't like it or weren't into it either didn't have a history with the game or didn't approach it with an open enough mindset..or just maybe it wasn't the game for them.
    You didn't need an open mind with the first one. The game itself was good enough to overcome the first impressions most of my friends (and even I) had of the game looking silly and lame. Most of them approached the game from the mindset that they weren't going to like it and most of them couldn't help loving it. History with the game should be irrelevant. It's either good or it's not.

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