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    When games that are pitched to Sony is denied then approved for the Wii, it shows that Nintendo is as much of a money grubber as Sony/Microsoft. Except they don't have as much options when it comes to 3rd parties to squeeze money out of. Some people think just because Wii is cheap and they make quality games that Nintendo cares about its gamers, but I think they care as much as Microsoft and Sony, which is very little. They care enough to make money just like any other company. But in the end it comes down to both Nintendo and 3rd party devs to make good games on the Wii, not just 1 side.
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    I doubt Nintendo cares as does any of the other systems for that matter... The worse the 3rd party games are the better there 1st and 2nd party sales end up being..lol

    This is all in your Video Game History 101 class who was sleeping?

    The Seal of Quality was because of the video game crash, Too many people making "Cheep knock off" unlicensed games to play in any console, and selling them in the mix of "real" licensed published games.
    These games weren't regulated in anyway and pushed out by the millions because they were so cheep to make, making inturn all games seem worthless... Why pay 20 bucks for a game when the knock off version sells for .99 cents?

    It had nothing to do with what games could or couldn't be on the system because of quality. It was what games were endorced by the console maker and had obtained an "offical license to make it".

    The problem for Console companys is the FCC and other such agencys look at Game Consoles like a DVD player they don't think the people that built it have any say in who else can make games for it. That would be a Monopoly. good board game bad buisness...

    Thats like saying you can only watch Sony approved movies in your Sony DVD player consumers would laugh ignore you.

    Because of this and the fact they can't "controll" who makes games, everything you see is "Wii Approved." Aslong as you pay for the rights to make the game you can make it as horribal as you see fit..lol
    And if anyone ever cracks the Wii game codes and can make a game without breaking any "copyright laws" then they can legally sell nintendo games without paying one cent to nintendo "unlicensed games" It happened on NES!

    So they can't limit the "Crap" legally, they can only make it stick out more.
    With Game Cube they started the "players choice" seals on some top selling games. They could do the same thing for Wii, maybe make a special case for "endorsed" games from the company including 3rd party... Giving the 3rd party the right to sell it in said "endorsed" case if they meet a specific players set standard... Thats our best bet...

    No one not Sony,Microsoft or Nintendo can stop someone from comming out with a game on a console if they are willing to pay for it... Its just like Movies all they need is a rating when done! No garantee is has to be good
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