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    Interesting article.

    As a 50 year old geezer gamer, I can understand a 30 something gamer not liking the Wii.

    But us old gamers do like the Wii alot. We like having to get off the couch and MOVE. We love playing Wii sports and other party games with friends and family.

    I'm tired of realistic war simulators. I get enough realism in life. I love games like Super Mario Galaxy which puts you in a crazy world and has you do crazy things.

    Nintendo was brilliant creating a game console that wives support us guys getting. Nintendo makes games I can play with my young kids.

    And let's not forget the Resident Evil series....

    The guy who wrote the article will be sorry if he misses out on Fatal Frame when it arrives.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hal2814
    Still got Barbie on your mind, huh?

    I do find it interesting that a reviewer whose gap in gaming is the exact span of Nintendo's glory days didn't care for the console. I thought I was older too but I remember plenty of twitch gaming (pinball, Asteroids, Galaga, Pac-Man) and anime (Robotech, Voltron) growing up.

    haha i didn't even think about that. a bit Freudian... well not as much since that would be more applicable if this was about my mother thanks for pointing that out though.

    good point though, he did seem to miss out on a little thing known as the greatest console war of all time...

    plus to call SMG "just another 3d platformer"... i think it deserves a bit more credit than that.


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