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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashwii00
    Oh yeah, let me tell ya. I just walked into Gamestop and decided to throw away 50 dollars on a game I had no idea what it was about. Of COURSE I researched it. I extensively research every single game I buy. I watched gameplay videos, read reviews, user comments...they all looked good to me. It was just totally different when I sat down to play it. Couldn't quite get into it. Don't criticize people because they just don't like I game you obsess over. I just thought it was extremely overdone in the press and it really isn't that great of a game.
    Well its not uncommon for people to do that, most people buy games without prior knowledge thats why I asked. There is no need to overreact. I also don't obsess over this game, I just like it and thinks its a good game in the Wii's library of so-so titles.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ashwii00
    And...CantGetAWii....have you even PLAYED the game yet? It seems as though you haven't even bought it yet. How can you call me out if you are doing the same thing? Lol. Srsly.
    Well no I haven't played it yet, but I liked Killer 7 and like the way the game looks. It appeals to me. Also technically I am not doing the same thing you are, I don't know what you meant by that.

    Honestly there was no need to get mad about this, your explanation in the previous post was kinda lacking and all you did was say how you didn't like the game. Maybe if you included that you had good knowledge of the game already and then were disappointed. It would help matters no?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sumn0ob
    So all we have to do to become mods is be online all time I can do that on break which is now

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    Quote Originally Posted by CantGetAWii
    Well I keep getting different answers up here in the Great White North.
    Jan 31st..Feb 1st..Feb 7th. I just want the darn thing already, has a date been set for Canada, because I am tired of going to most stores and having employees looking at me with a "Duhhh" look on their face
    yeah im' tired of that too, i'm going to pop in tomorrow......eb games better have it!

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