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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanquish23
    What about this game/franchise makes this "highly anticipated" announcement warrant such secrecy to begin with? I admit I have not played the previous titles in the series, but I have browsed the footage, trailers, vids and screencaps to what will hopefully be an amazing RPG finally on a current Nintendo console.

    But the graphics look average, almost that of below Twilight Princess if I'm seeing correctly. Is the battle system extremely unique? The characters also appear a bit cartoony/amateur-ish for my taste, so does this game extend itself to more adult audiences? I suppose an amazing plotline/story could make up for that though. Will the music be orchestrated or MIDI? Will there be online play? I didn't think so since I read it supported up to 4 players.

    I don't mean to be a downer and I want this game to be epic. But it just seemed all the hype leading up to this game was a tad disappointing; yet I'd appreciate it if someone could answer these questions and prove me otherwise.
    have you ever played FF 7.. so tell me what made that great..the graphics are crap and the fightng system isnt unique.

    back on topic: looks good not played first one but im a big rpg fan
    (ill look at video's when bro of pc..(ill make it lag))
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    ^the 2nd trailer is good

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