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    Considering buying a Wii

    Ok, I have an Xbox 360. I want to get either PS3 or a Wii and I can't make up my mind. Now I'm leaning towards Wii because PS3 is too similar to the 360 to pay $600 for one. The games I want to play are Red Steel, Excite Truck, and Zelda. My question is, what good games are coming after launch? I don't know of any. I'm worried that the best games I know of are the launch titles, which seems weird.

    Also, what are my chances of getting one on Sunday without a preorder? Is demand going to be as big as it was/is with the PS3? I'm not gonna stand in line for hours...

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    ok first off dont get a ps3. 1st reason is if you dont have one now you wont have one for a while. 2nd reason is exactly what you said its too similar to 360. 3rd reason is there are no good launch titles. (zelda is scoring %90+ by most reviews)

    as for good games after launch. look up on ign or whareever mario galaxy, super smash bros brawl, metroid prime, wario ware, wii play, (just off the top of my head)

    as for chances of getting one on sunday. well at my future shop they will have 81 wiis im not sure what its like in your area but most likely you wil want to line up around 6pm (if the store doesent have a midnight launch) or around noon (if the store does have a midnight launch. if you really dont want to line up then you can wait till the next weekend when the second shipment comes in (going by the facts in my area the toys r us is getting a shipment of 95 more wiis the weekend after launch)

    hope that helps

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    Not sure about the upcoming games , but the demand isn't as high as the PS3. I'm sure with a little effort you'll be about to pick one up on Sunday.

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