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    Quote Originally Posted by hoogasian5
    that graph is bullsh*t theres really good games for ps3 and xbox360 that arent even on wii
    unreal tourmment 3
    halo 3
    Restiance Fall of Man
    Bio Shock
    and wii has its games
    super mario galexry
    super paper mario
    mario party 8
    wii sports
    wii fit
    wii play
    etc etc
    no one cna take your life serious when you include wii play, wii sports, and mario party 8 in your list of "good" wii games.

    when making a list of games that are good for any console, you should only include the high rated ones...

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    ^^^ya rly what he said^^^
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    How about an intelligent argument?

    The Wii has 33% more games than the PS3 according to the site. Therefor, the graph shown in this thread would be skewed against the Wii because it has more games (good and bad) to change it's average ranking of all games.

    The other graph on the site: "If we attempt to level the playing field and only look at the top 10% of all games on each system, the picture evens out a bit for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but the Wii is still significantly behind:"

    I don't know how they could say "significantly" when the Wii is at 85% and the PS3 and XBox is at what looks to be 87 or 88%. 2% difference. Also, it still skews the Wii's results because by taking 10% of a larger number, still provides a larger number.

    In the end, these graphs are taking ratings from reviews by one game review site. Reviews in themselves are subjective and are mostly pointless when you want to compare games. Each game would have to be reviewed under the same criteria based on the genre it was in, not how the individual reviewer felt about the game. If you have a reviewer that only likes FPS, they wouldn't review a puzzle game as high.

    Conclusion : The graphs are invalid and of no real statistical importance
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    Quote Originally Posted by LoganSix
    How about an intelligent argument?

    The Wii has 33% more games than the PS3 according to the site.
    I don't think that make a big difference. Its cheaper to make games for the Wii so all these little unheard of studios make crappy cheap games for it.

    Examples: Chicken Shoot, Balls of Fury, Rig Racer 2, London Taxi Rush Hour, etc, etc, etc.

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