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    Pandemic Eyes the Wii

    Mercenaries developer Pandemic has yet to announce any Wii titles, but president Josh Resnick tells Next-Gen he “loves” the platform.
    Image“Pandemic has had a long-standing tradition of being multiplatform, and we’re going to continue to do that,” Resnick told Next-Gen in a recent interview.

    “Other than that, we don’t have any other big announcements. But we love the platform.”

    The studio, which recently became an internal EA developer, is currently hard at work on Mercenaries 2, which is coming to new generation consoles, PC and also PlayStation 2.

    While many developers do economical ports of games between PS2 and Wii, it seems unlikely the same would happen with the PS2 version of Mercenaries 2.

    “If and when we start working on [Wii] we’re not going to make the mistake of just trying to port things over to it. We’re going to do something from the ground up that really makes sense for that platform and that audience. But stay tuned.”

    Pandemic is also working on the World War II-themed adventure game, Saboteur. Aside from Saboteur and Mercenaries, Pandemic, which has headquarters in Brisbane, Australia and Los Angeles, is developing the mysterious projects B, Q, Y and Z.

    "B" is to be "among the most ambitious that Pandemic Studios has ever taken on"; "Q" is said to be simply "one of Pandemic’s most exciting releases ever"; "Y" will supposedly "break new ground in its [undisclosed] category"; and super-secret "Project Z" "will combine the latest in game technology innovation with remarkable art and creative direction."

    Although now owned by industry giant EA, Resnick still believes the studio can still maintain an independent spirt, except with more resources and less distractions.

    "EA’s future lies in really bringing up the quality of their whole portfolio and investing big in original IPs. And that’s why they bought us, frankly. They bought us because we have a track record of doing that, and that’s what they’re looking for in all of EA."

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    Sounds promising.

    Didnt they also do the Star Wars Battlefront series? Now thats something I would like to see on the Wii, along with online multiplayer.

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