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    The new Mario, What's it going to be like?

    the first ones where awesome, until mario sunshine. that was the biggest dissapointment i have had with a game. he was on vacation and spilled oil so he has to clean it up? does anyone know what the next mario is going to be like? will bowser be in it? do u have to collect stars? whats the name?

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    Mario Galaxy. You collect stars, but it's set in space this time. You travel from planet to planet (small planets mind you - you can run around them in a few seconds really) and you blast from one to the next. Each one has differing gravity, a variety of enemies, and cool puzzles.

    There was a section about it somewhere here on WiiChat, but I think it was removed when the forums / sub-forums were rearranged.

    And I have to disagree about Mario Sunshine. I thought it was really cool. The water sprayer worked well, and was loads of fun. The mechanics were the same as Mario 64, and while the story wasn't that great, it was still good to play through at least once. It didn't have the same replay value as Mario 64, but that's probably because it had a fairly steep learning curve, unlike Mario 64. I think the water cannon just wasn't easy enough for some people.
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    I'm heard Bowser won't be in SMG, but that's just from what I've heard. Also I've heard that the level where you jump from planet to planet in a matter of seconds is only one level. There should be others consisting of different tasks and environments. I could be wrong though.

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