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    Crystal Chronicles WiiWare trademarked? Namco Bandai battles ghosts? Ubisoft goes Jur

    Even though I just discovered this a day or two ago via personal digging through the Trademark Patent office it seems like everyone else knew about Square Enix registering a trademark for “My Life as King.” This is probably going to be the international subtitle for the upcoming Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles WiiWare title, which debuts next month in Japan. Much more interesting is the “Sigma Harmonics” trademark, which doesn’t look like it’s related to any existing franchise. Perhaps, Square Enix is planning a new series of concerts/CDs/ringtones with the trademark? I thought it could be related to their DS Style classical music/Inis collaboration, Anata mo DS de Classic Kiite Mimasenka, but on second thought it’s at best doubtful.

    OK, time for some original trademark research. Namco Bandai registered “Ghost Battle” last month, but this probably isn’t for a phantom fighting game. This trademark is most likely related to their system introduced in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection where “ghost” players can duke it out with each other online. Ubisoft also has new trademarks for “Dinoz” and “Monkeyz”, which are probably an extension of their exi(z)sting Nintendo DS “Petz” franchise. While I’ve never been too interested in raising a dog or a cat, a virtual pet dinosaur sounds more my style.

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    ya, couldn't find the wiiware deal anywhere

    Spoiler Alert!

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