Earlier this month we learnt that Suda 51’s exclusive Wii action-adventure title, No More Heroes, had been delayed in Europe - but, thankfully, just by a week. However, today it is reported that Rising Star Games has shifted its launch date once more - and again by seven days. It will now arrive in the continent on March 14.

The storyline in No More Heroes revolves around Travis Touchdown, a typical otaku (referring to Japanese people with obsessive hobbies, often manga or anime) who lives a life of poverty. After winning a beam katana in an Internet auction, Touchdown decides to become a hitman – as you do. The title follows Touchdown’s vicious trials and tribulations based in the fictional town of Santa Destroy, located on the west coast of North America.

Similar to RockStar’s Grand Theft Auto, the gameplay style is promised to be open-ended. Players will have to complete certain major objectives to keep the plotline rolling, but are free to meander and explore as they wish, earning extra money through various odd jobs ranging from the mundane (litter collection) to the obscure (becoming a participant in a human bowling tournament).

Critically acclaimed on its release in North America, we’re just glad the setback to its launch is just another week.