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    Quote Originally Posted by Elogotar
    In response to Metroid not having a story: Just because the game doesn't force the story down you're throat with more expostion than gameplay doesn't mean that there isn't a story there. The Metroid series is a great story about a simple human orphan who was given the chance to avenge her parent and ended up saving the universe multiple times from multiple threats. From Space Pirates to Phazon and Ridley to the X virus, there's all sorts of backstory and plot if people would just bother to acknowledge it. Everybody loves Zelda so damn much, but I can say the same thing about it that people say about Metroid.
    "A, durr.... There's some goblins and some magic and you go kill Ganon to save Princess Zelda." Over and over again.
    Jezz, at least Metroid changes. Every single Zelda game is the same with the exception of whatever new gameplay mechanic they decide to add. Go to dungeon, get new item, use item to kill boss, go to next dungeon. Repeat til' finished. Anyways, I think a Metroid movie would be great. It's just to bad we'll probably never see it.
    i dont mean to start an argument here but something needs to be said:

    the zelda series has a story and it is by far not the same every game

    there is no such thing as a logical zelda story line because of the simple fact that every game functions as its own independent story itself

    i am assuming that your arguments are based from the POV of someone that either:
    a) does not play zelda
    b) played one zelda and didnt like it or
    c) was deprived of it as a child and is now in denial

    i will grant you that metroid is a truly fantastic game series grounded in history and excellence but dont be dissin on my zelda man...every zelda game has a great story, its not my fault your just too lazy to read the text and hold in your potty break till after the cutscenes
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    well zelda games do have amazing stories but the underlying story for the whole series is so messed up. Nintendo needs to set the canon for us and let us know the sequence of the games. I have watched a few different things but they still dont know for sure. But, all in all every zelda game has a wonderful story.

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