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    Every Single Detail of Mario Kart Wii (Known So Far)

    CVG has come up with a summary of everything we know about Mario Kart Wii so far:


    What are the new tracks?

    Twelve of the sixteen tracks have been revealed so far. They are:

    Mario Circuit
    Momo Country
    Kinopio Factory
    DK Summit
    Coconut Mall
    Kinoko Canyon
    Luigi Circuit
    Moo Moo Meadows,
    Mushroom Gorge
    Toad's Factory
    Wario's Gold Mine.

    What are the classic tracks?

    Nine of the sixteen classic tracks have also been revealed so far. They are:

    Yoshi Circuit
    DK Mountain
    Sherbet Land
    Peach Beach
    Walluigi Stadium
    Delfino Square
    Ghost Valley 2
    Mario Raceway
    Shy Guy Beach

    What about battle stages?

    Ten battle stages are available, but we've seen nothing about them yet.


    How do the bikes function?

    Bikes are more manoeuvrable than karts, but are prone to being bumped around. As an advantage, you can shake the Wii Remote to perform a wheelie, which awards you a small boost after a short time, but wheelies leave you vulnerable to spinning out.

    What is the difference between different engine sizes?

    We can't be sure, but we imagine that the speed of the game increases as you move up to larger engine sizes, as with all Mario Kart games. In addition:

    In 50cc, you'll be racing karts
    In 100cc, you'll be racing bikes
    In 150cc, you'll be racing both

    Are the vehicles unique to my character?

    Each character will have access to their own karts with unique stats in a similar fashion to Double-Dash and Mario Kart DS.

    Also, Toad and the babies have all been seen with Bullet Bill karts, and the Wario Bike from WarioWare will be in the game.


    What control methods can I use in the game?

    A total of five different control choices have been confirmed:

    Wii Wheel
    Wii Remote tilted on its side
    Remote and Nunchuk
    Nintendo GameCube controller
    Wii Classic Controller.

    How do the motion controls work?

    Short answer: similar to Excite Truck. A steep tilt in either direction will cause you to make a sharp turn, whilst a light dip eases your character over to that side.


    What's all this talk about Mid-air tricks?

    Mid-air tricks can be triggered using both karts and bikes and give extra speed bursts when executed correctly using the wheel or Wii Remote, or D-pad.

    What about powersliding?

    Powersliding been given an overhaul: Slides are started with the B button, and instead of rapidly steering in opposite directions to build up a boost, the boost now charges over time as you perform your slide.

    Can I see what's coming up from behind?

    Yes! One addition is the ability to see and hear when a player is coming up from behind with a power-up. When a shell or a powered-up racer is approaching your rear, a visual icon will jump up beneath your cart and the Wii Remote speaker will play a warning sound to let you know.


    What new weapons will be included?

    Three new weapons have turned up:

    Bullet Bill: Turns your kart into Bill and puts it on a speedy auto-pilot.
    The POW Block: Stuns other racers with shockwaves
    A Lightening Cloud: Gives you temporary super speed

    Can I steal other players weapons?

    Indeed you can. If a player is hording an item, you can drive into them and bump it out of their possession. It will spill out on to the track and you can pick it up by driving over it.


    Which characters will appear in the game?

    Sixteen characters have been confirmed to appear. They are:

    Baby Mario
    Baby Luigi
    Baby Peach
    Donkey Kong
    Koopa Trooper

    What's going on with Mii's?

    If none of the Mario characters take your fancy, you can use your Mii as the driver of your cart.

    Mii's will also make up the spectator audience, copied directly from your collection on your Wii.


    What different modes are available for multiplayer?

    Multiplayer mode includes four-player local racing and twelve-player support using Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection service.

    Does split-screen mode work online too?

    Yup. Up to two players can use the same Wii console for online play, so you and a friend can take on the world together.


    What's going on with Wii Channels?

    A new Wii Channel will be launched alongside the game - the Mario Kart Channel. Players will be able to monitor their ranking against other players, as well as access and share Ghost Data with each other.

    The Channel will also allow players to jump into friend's races, even if they're in progress, or simply be a spectator. Even better, Nintendo has hinted that it will run special events through the service.

    Currently, the Mario Kart Channel is not available from the Wii menu and can only be accessed through the game.

    Can I talk to people online?

    Mario Kart Wii provides some way for you to chat to your friends before races start. We presume this will be a text system of some kind, given that a voice headset hasn't even been mentioned in a rumour.
    Source: http://computerandvideogames.com/art...p?id=183102#01
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    like i said somewhere else on this forum, some1 just needs to make a sticky of Mario Kart Wii because their is a lot of information being posted everywhere about this game. Never the less good information.

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    This seems like the best Mario Kart to come out so far.

    I cannot wait, this is just as big as SSBB, IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by manred
    I cannot wait, this is just as big as SSBB, IMO.
    You preach it brother.

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    hmm i was going to create somethign like this, whatevs

    i can't wait until this game, best racing game ever

    the mario that's roomed with mush
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    Its nice to have it all summed up like that, but I still find myself really liking it one day, then only sort of liking it the next. I am still going to buy this though no matter what, the N64 game was just too good (never played Gamecube version).

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