Sometimes great things go forgotten and in this case it happens to be one particular Rockstar title that when it first appeared was more a case of great game, bad timing and wrong platform in our eyes. The Xbox 360 had just started gaining momentum and the other consoles were on their way as well. Rockstar were at the end of their current lifecycle and they had one more game to put out on the Playstation 2, the title goes by the name of Bully. Now Bully was a great game, but as already said, it was just a case of bad timing. The other thing was the game lost its Bully title here in Australia which made the title “Canis Canem Edit”, a somewhat un-attractive name which in Latin means “Dog Eat Dog”. Such a title just doesn’t seem as attractive as the strong title name of Bully.

Bully is now set to have another shot at it and in all its glory on the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. Titled “Bully Scholarship Edition”, the game features the entire storyline of the original Bully on the Playstation 2 but includes an array of new features including 8 new missions, four new classes to go to (Biology, Math, Music and Geography), Xbox 360 Achievements and a bunch of new mini-games. Oh and it gets to keep its name this time round as well.

We recently went into Rockstar’s offices to sit down with the latest version of Bully and it’s nice to know that for those who missed out on playing this game when it originally came out in October 2006; that they’re going to be even happier to play it this time round. The developers of Bully have gone back to the drawing board when it comes to building this game for the next generation systems, the game now features improved graphics and the engine had to built up for the new versions. Bringing with it a hot fresh look but still sporting the style that the original Bully had on the Playstation 2. Out of the two we played we saw different advantages on the Wii version and the Xbox 360 version. The Wii version took really good use of the controllers and fist fights in the school yard resulted in punching the air. The mini games were even also more fun on the Wii with the biology class mini game seeing you dissecting a fish very carefully with the Wii mote trying to out dissect your friend when playing the game in multiplayer mode. The Xbox 360 version however has the full power of upgraded graphics and there was no doubt it looked another level above any of the versions we’ve ever seen. I also have to admit being an achievement lover the Xbox 360 version has a few achievements that will have you playing the game for longer.

So what is Bully about? Well Bully is simply growing up in school and having to put up with the jocks who want to give you a hard time. You play as Jimmy Hopkins, a smart mouthed boy who gets dropped off at the gates of Bullworth Academy and is left there by his happy to get rid of you kind of parents. The game is like a toned down schoolyard version of Grand Theft Auto. The game is open world and will see you having to travel around town and complete missions to progress further in the game. With plenty of opportunities to be taken on a side track with plenty of fun and hilarious side missions. The games dialogue is well put together and no matter the age you will find this game bringing back your old playground memories and what school meant for each and every one of us. One mission we got to see was a new mission introduced to the game, it saw us fighting off Elves while we tried to destroy another Santa’s booth. One Santa is losing business because the other Santa seems to be doing a better job and it’s your job to help him out. As previously said there are some great and funny missions in the game and your sure to get a laugh at every point of the game.

Bully Scholarship Edition is out March 7th and is a great update for those who played the original Bully and a great title for anyone who hasn’t. Bully has been given a second chance and we’re thankful for it. No need to dust of your Playstation 2 as you can now enjoy it on the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 in a much improved way. Bring on Bully Scholarship Edition, I can’t wait!
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