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    Thanks for the advice

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    Well it depends on what you are expecting/looking for in this game depends on if you find it good ,or not.

    If you are looking for an action/adventure game in vien of devil may cry god of war, or even castlevania look else where because it doesn't deliver on that.

    On the other hand if you are looking for a good beat'em up something in vein of Golden Axe ,but in 3D then you will be happy.

    I mainly made this post to see if anyone agreed with my thoughts on it basically being namco's 3D Golden Axe.

    Here's how I would of changed the game.

    *I like how they have multiple characters that's great & all ,but they all follow the same story line. It would of been better if they each had their own story mode (sort of like Sonic Adventure) sure you could have levels where they cross paths ,but they each would have their own storyline that would be unlocked as you find them in the game.

    *My next thing is control wise. I'm not bothered by the motion swinging although i would of liked to see some kind of god of war-ish no more heroes-ish death swing when an enemy is weakened. Aside from that they do nothing with the Dpad ,or the 1 2 & minus button. i think the lock on should of used the dpad switch your target by pushing left ,and right instead of clicking through the lock on button to get to the guy you want. (i play with auto lock because the camera feels too lose without it.) This would of let the lock on button be an item button in other words you collect potions through the game ,and save them for the boss battles where there is no way to refill your life.

    If not an item button they could have the charge attack on your lock on button ,and make B to where you hold it in for a strong slash.

    So in other words a light slash would be swinging with out holding B then a strong slash could be while holding B kind of like simulating holding the sword tighter for stronger slash.

    Those are my thoughts
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