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    Quote Originally Posted by Frog
    Bomberman? This is great news if it has online deathmatching. Hopefully it is as good as the bomberman for Xbox Live Arcade!
    I'm pretty sure it has been confirmed to have online play. If it hasn't... then it still is going to. There is no way they'll make a bomberman without online play.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dkw0101
    does anyone know if final fantasy has online playability?
    It doesn't have online play. How would you have online play anyways? Visiting people's towns?

    That would be kinda cool, like Animal Crossing, but I don't think it's needed.

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    Final Fantasy is the only one that is catching my interest as of right now. Eternity Child looks like it could be nice.

    But im hesistant to buy FF since its a WiiWare game because I don't want some real short game thats gonna suck up my Wii's HDD space.
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    Been playing alot of WarCraft III lately, anyone up for game? Just message me, my account is the same as here and GT.

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