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Thread: Why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CantGetAWii
    No thats not the issue at all.

    A Ps3/360 games visuals could be toned down greatly for a Wii version. Plus you have seen some of the third party offerings and their bad graphics, companies have no problem as of now producing junk on the Wii. So visuals is not the case here, its more to do with the Power that you get with 360/Ps3.
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    Spin off are exactaly what we are going to be seeing from now on which is fine with me i know the Wii can't do everything the 360 and the PS3 can do i knew that way way way before any of the consoles were released. That didn't sway me though I still bought a wii on day one and still love it.

    Back to spin off though. Ghostbusters is a prime example of this. While the 360 and PS3 are getting amazing looking games that are like a third movie the wii and PS2 are getting spin off's. The spin off's dont look nears as good but i can almost say for sure Ghostbusters on the wii will be amazing i mean its almost perfect with the wiimote and everything.

    Here is what i am saying we no longer live in a pick one console be happy world. You are either going to have to be a a Wii360 person or a PSWii person its up to you.

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    Don't be daft

    The reason why developers showcase there games on the PS3 and Xbox 360 is because they want to get the best visuals , physics and game play possible and the Wii simply doesn't cut it.

    Assassins creed with cut down graphics and wii remote sure would be a good game but with the graphics cut down how will that effect the end game play experience and product?

    Dont get me wrong I have played some incredible games on the Wii mainly all 1st party efforts Mario , Zelda , Prime 3 , Resi evil4

    Now building on the foundation that Prime has why hasn't a developer yet taken the controller layout and bought us a new FPS?
    I thought Prime3 was a incredible achievement for Retro infact i'm going to play it in a second lol I mean even goldeneye with updated visuals and this control scheme would be awesome

    The thing that concerns me the most is when developers begin to get really comfortable with the development process of the PS3 a few years into it's life
    the games hitting the shelves then will look incredible and the Wii will pale in comparison.

    Nintendo need to embrace HD pretty soon that's why I think the wii will be shelved in about 2010 to make room for the natural progression that would be the Wii2.
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