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    Quote Originally Posted by Wardy
    Just reached the creepy level. What are you supposed to do after the rabbit talks to you and you get your equipment out of the drinks machine?

    Nothing happens for me. I have searched the room and gone outside too.

    Anyone help please?

    When you leave the room that the drinks machine is in turn directly right where there's a snow making machine from memory and you'll go through an opening. It's hard to notice because there's like a black curtain or plastic things hanging down but that's where you head through to get to the freak show

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    I just beat it, at first it scared the s%$# out of me, j/k. It was pretty weird but the power rangers were fun to fight because they were so easy. The people with the black suits gave me the creeps. But it was pretty fun, but took me about an 45 minutes to an hour.
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