I created my own player and started using him in franchise mode. Once I got up to 127 or 128 HR's, I am not exactly sure which one, the value turned to negative and started running backwards (or forwards technically) for each homerun I hit thereafter. The first time I noticed it I had -127 homeruns, then 4 homeruns later over a few games I was at -123. This affects more than just the HR stat. My contact and power ratings also dropped about 13% each, and it dropped me down on my awards list, all star votes and other things because the system not only thinks I don't have any HRs, it thinks I have negative HR's. Yet, my RBIs, Runs, BA, OBP and everything else stat-wise is unaffected. Has anyone else experienced erratic stat keeping? I am running a test by saving the current setup and then reloading the pre-127 HR save, and will play through on that season save until I get past 128 HRs and see if the same thing happens...if it does, then I suppose it is a legitimate problem, if it doesn't, then I suppose it is just a random glitch. I will let you know the results in a few days.