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Thread: Moh:2 Online?

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    skype / ventrilo ftw!

    oh, and i find teabagging pretty useful in displaying your feelings online
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    Quote Originally Posted by SensesFail
    this post is pretty ignorant. i say this because wii has no voice chat for a reason and if they wanted to add skype then why not have real online chat cause its the same thing just game specific and easier.

    not to bash your post but i thought this wouldve been more obvious.
    Me ignorant?

    That's as maybe, but Nintendo have already had voice chat in Metroid Prime Hunters and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl on the DS (including offering a headset), so why the sudden u-turn for the Wii?

    It depends on how much notice Nintendo take from the people who a) already have a Wii and b) aren't buying a Wii just because it doesn't have functions already offered on other systems such as voice chat...

    I honestly am not that bothered about the lack of voice chat (IF the text chat has enough range of stuff you can say, rather than MOH's 4 options!), but I can see that the Wii desperately needs it for it to be taken more seriously.

    As soon as the PS3 offers it in all games I think the whole console situation will change, as it's going to highlight exactly how limited the Wii's online options are.

    Wasn't one of the main aims of the Wii about having fun and communicating with people, not playing by yourself?

    Without communication, online play is pointless. Don't believe me? Start a MOH online game and you might as well just be playing single-player - there's no community feeling, no friendship, no team spirit...

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