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    Impressions Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars

    Wii owners searching for quality third party software should catch a nasty case of fungus with Mushroom Men, Gamecock's upcoming 3-D adventure game, developed by Red Fly Studio. In this pint-sized adventure, you play as a tiny mushroom man named Pax that must save his world from evil. His adventure will take him into people's kitchens and backyards, where you'll do battle with a host of creatures, including spiders, oppossums and rabbits.

    Gamecock hopes to put a fungus umungus this fall.

    At its core, Mushroom Men looks like a fun romp through everyday places, made even more enjoyable, thanks to Red Fly's imagination. You can scale large objects using one of those sticky hands available in capsule toy machines, and you can mix and match different items to create weapons. For example, our hero battles enemies using a DS stylus, but he can also turn that into a club by attaching a thimble. Furthermore, a blade from a pocketknife and a matchstick becomes an axe. With lots of different items in the game, you're free to experiment, turning something as simple as a bobble head into a flamethrower.

    Although you'll spend plenty of time killing spiders and other bugs, you'll also need to solve puzzles. During our demo, we watched as Pax navigated his way towards a giant motorcycle and tiptoed on a narrow beam, all in the hopes of dropping a giant box into a fiendish killer rabbit, called a wabbit. Eventually, his rabbit assassination led him to their leader, the jackalope, a monster with crazy eyes and horns.

    In addition to using his sticky hand, Pax can also glide with his mushroom cap. His cap also proves useful for seeing how much damage he's taken. The more he gets hit, the more pieces of the cap fly off, exposing the gooey Mushroom brain underneath.

    It's too early to pass judgment, but thus far, we like Mushroom Men and can't wait to play it. And if it turns out to be good, the Wii version will complement the DS edition and prequel, Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi. For now, abstain from eating mushrooms on your pizza. You may unwittingly devour the world's only savior.
    sounds pretty alright. hope it doesnt turn out like ninjabread man. http://www.gamedaily.com/games/mushr...he-spore-wars/
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    reminds me of spyro for some reason. looks good.

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    I had a completely different idea of what spore wars would be. Kinda a shock, but it still seems like a good story.
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    This game has always looked good to me.

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