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    Newby ? about Trauma Center-New Blood

    Can this game be played by just one person or do 2 people have to be playing together? My wife wants it and I just want to know before I drop the money. Thanks. I know I can rent it and I will next week.

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    Yes, it's Co - op. But, it can be played with one player only too. Hope you have fun. Watch out, it gets very challenging later on.

    This sequel to the Wii/DS surgeon sim follows both Dr. Markus Vaughn and Valerie Blaylock, two Alaskan surgeons with the Healing Touch who are recruited into the Concordia Medical Institute after their local facilities closes down. Once there, they learn that the doctors on staff are regularly more concerned with maintaining their excessive lifestyles than they are with the patients they tend to. Markus and Valerie are eventually taken into a government organization known as Caduceus, where they begin to learn about a vast conspiracy. The game comes complete with a fully functioning two-player cooperative mode in which gamers will have full control over each character, both operating with all their tools at the same time. The characters are brought to life with full voice work, there is an online score ranking system, and the game offers 480p and 16:9 widescreen modes.
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