got a lol from this

im almost positive i read somewhere this game is "coming" to wii and after reading this i can see why, and i also predict the wii's demise much like dreamcast. from the pure disregard of many consumer wants to "not releasing mii code" and "not telling developers how to make games work online with wii"

what is nintendo trying to do? are they just a bunch of stuckup asians?

sure sony doesnt(didn't, but now thats their strongsuit) care about making consoles and they dont care about you either, but the future is really with them and or xb360(only because of the excellent live service)

this is not fanboy rant, ive just been reading for a few hours about all of nintendo's poor choices and it makes me

i will love my wii forever, and i prefer it over the other 2, but i dont agree with nintendo on MANY things.