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    i have this game on ds it is great fun
    PS3 now, sorry Wii. You gather dust.

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    Thanks for the replies guys... I guess i can wait another month till Mario Kart comes out...

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    Quote Originally Posted by White2kss
    I like Wii Sports Tennis so tell me why i should / shouldn't buy this game.
    If you like Wii Sports Tennis DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! In fact, do not buy this game full stop. Inspired by the review in The Official Nintendo Magazine who said:

    "This has overtaken Wii Sports as our favourite tennis experience on the Wii. It's great fun even if you're not a Sega fan..."

    I rushed out to buy it (£34.49). My first impression of it was that it didn't feel as 'tight' as Wii Sports tennis but I thought I must be missing something and persevered. Pretty soon I realised that I could play this game sitting down in my armchair and twitching my Wiimote to play a shot. It just seems to play the shot regardless of how you move the Wiimote. You can play backhand or forehand or any old movement will do it and the timing is very loose. I found I could win against the com players (at Normal setting) very easily without much effort or concentration.

    In search of more of a challenge, I went into the Superstars section which involves little missions you can do to unlock more elements of the game. Once I'd got used to the fact that I had to turn my Wiimote sideways and use like a 'traditional' controller, I breezed through the first few missions - some of them first time - without any effort whatsoever.

    There's no chance of using your Mii characters like there is in Mario Sonic Olympic Games so you're stuck with the supplied characters and the ones you unlock (up to 16).

    To make things more interesting, they've added a 'Superstar state'. This is a star that builds up under your feet as you play. Once completed it enables you to play a silly shot that travels all over the place and is difficult to return. This is nothing short of a gimmick and anyone wanting to play a tennis simulator would switch this feature off immediately.

    Navigating around the menus also requires you to use the Wiimote in 'traditional' mode except it works in a vertical position so what would normally be up and down arrows in the mini games are the left and right arrows to navigate through the menus. This is very irritating and makes the game feel like they rushed to get it to market without properly migrating it to make use of the Wii's features.

    All in all, this game is very disappointing. I've now played it for about 2 hours and can't see myself getting it out of its box again. It adds nothing to Wii Sports Tennis and its lack on online play just adds to the list of things which are wrong with it. In short, I feel totally ripped off and I'd really like my money back.

    My rating: 1/10

    PS Interesting to note that people are already selling the game on ebay and it's going for around £20. That tells you all you need to know about what people think of it!
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