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    Rumor: Sonic Unleashed Rumblings

    Ever since the info got leaked regarding Sonic Unleashed, a lot has been said. Here's some of the buzz from a trustworthy source:

    * It's being said that a good chunk of this is a real leak, and SEGA isn't happy about it. Word is that ONM in the UK and Play were supposed to have exclusives, but now? No telling where that stands.

    * In addition, the screens are said to have been taken from the FTP server, but the video? That came from somewhere else. And SEGA's trying to perform damage control and get it removed from YouTube wherever they find it, or so they say; we aren't having any trouble finding it, and no "this video has been removed" yet. But let's face it, this cat is well out of the bag.

    * While confirmation for any system is sketchy, it seems that the PS3 and Wii are the main ones right now, with the screens and video coming from the PS3 dev kit. No Wii pics yet, but it's said to be in the works. 360? Never say never, but at the moment, it remains "unconfirmed," as different SEGA people seem to be saying different things.

    This makes some sense, given the presence of what appear to be Secret Rings-styled segments, and the 360's lack of motion control.

    * For gameplay, it's said that the game will be using the same engine as Sonic Rush for the Nintendo DS (not graphics engine, of course). Wolf Sonic, Were-Sonic, call him what you will, he's supposed to be real. But it's said that no details have been revealed as to his gameplay, regardless of what you may have read.
    sounds good. linkage

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    interesting, ima gonna have to get it, sounds kool

    thanx for me sig manred

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