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    Quote Originally Posted by Robotnik
    Yeah i agree with Vash, and cantgetawii your argument proves only itself, because your limiting mario kart wii's possible releases to Christmas time or now, I think the ideal time would June or July, middle of summer when the game rush is a little slower, people are getting tired of SSBB, kids are out of school and can be in more social settings (great for Mario Kart), that'd be what I'd do. Just cause Nintendo has made some great moves, doesn't mean all their moves are great, they've had many a folley.
    I'm not limiting anything, he was the one that said it should be released near the end of the year. Thats what I have been saying about it not being any more even if the game was released later this year.

    And my other point was some people won't buy Kart right away, some haven't even bought Brawl yet as they may want Kart first. So even being released so close to each other, by having people not buy one of those games right away it allows them to get it later on (Summer months etc.)

    Some people wait and some will buy both right away. Either way the year is spread out nicely already. Not to mention Wii Fit could end up being the Summer hit so theres another argument in itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sumn0ob
    So all we have to do to become mods is be online all time I can do that on break which is now

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    They are going to flood it with the top notch 1st party games over the next few years, and the hope is that 3rd party will see the sucess and jump aboard the same way they did with DS.

    Although Nintendo has many many other games to their credit none of them seem to be half the sucess as their classic titles like Kirby,DK,Mario,Zelda.
    Sure Wii fit and Wii music might do alright but I doubt it will reach SSBB and Galaxy level. They might get a couple nice games in the mix though look what we got last gen Animal crossing and Pikmin.

    Nintendo already announced months ago they are taking away most the 1st party support on DS to direct it more twards the Wii, so anything is possibal, they are gonna hit us hard and fast with alot of choices from the Nintendo factory.
    They acknowledge that 3rd party is doing a piss poor job of joining in, as they did with the DS at first so they are gonna give it an internal boost. Specially now that 3rd party supports the DS well and honestly Nintendo can sit back and make the cash off of it while they work on the next handheld.
    The same plan is in place for the Wii, Support it and support it well with hit titles. Show 3rd party what a well made game on the most widely distributed system can do and they will soon follow suit to the cash trough! Aslong as Nintendo keeps making hits and the popularity of the Wii grows as well as the DS did "as it seems to be doing" this will be no problem at all.
    Nintendo will have the majority of the hit 1st party games out over the next year or 2 and by then 3rd party will be commiting profit suicide to ignore it any further, and they will start to bring good games.
    Nintendo will then step back work on the next project and in essence let 3rd party have the scraps because they weren't willing to come to the table at the beginning.

    Wonder if they will make the mistake again next gen? Compared to the top selling games this round Nintendo is doing better than any console for its time on the market. And the attachment rate and sales are on par with even 360 at the same time frame. You hear all these complaints that there isn't and good games and that they don't sell. Where the truth is they have a decent selection of quality games that sell great, would be more if 3rd party helped but what can you do? It's unfair to the gamers but not theirs or Nintendo's fault, it's plain ignorance and unwillingness on 3rd partys part.
    But they are the ones that get to suffer in the end from lost profits from the largest market in gaming, thats karma. lol
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