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    Quote Originally Posted by stickmode View Post
    Great EA, finally a huge step foward!!
    They already have the tech to make graphics as close the Xbox360/Ps3 versions, take a look on NFS:ProStreet and Skate It for example, these games have great graphics!!
    Of course they need to fix all the isuess that appear when they port directly from the next-gen engine to Wii, if they fix it, this game will be amazing!!
    Some tips for you EA: Try to use the Xbox360 developer kit instead the Wii developer kit, becose this secure better sharp, clear and brighter textures. Take a look on Cabela's Big Game Hunter Wii, this game was ported directly from the Xbox360 development kit and the results. A game with awesome gorgeous graphics. Improve the Texture Digitalization Techniques, becose it's better put digitalized elements from high-end textures of a superior system than make it from the ground. In the poligonal camp the Wii has near capabilities, but it's better if you use advanced poligonal tech like Tecmo, Namco and Sega did. See Residdent Evil Remake on Game Cube, this game uses digitalized textures and advanced poligonal tech but the old development kit did opaque textures. Using new techniques and tech that brighter and lightening the textures it's the next step, check the Tailand level of Tom Raider: Underworld Wii. This level is amazing detailed and go along with the other versions.
    And thank you for deliver this great game!!
    Are you serious about NFS and Skate it. Those games had horrible graphics although they are fun. And they don't have the tools to make wii games look like Ps3/360 games because it isn't possible.

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    that screen isnt real. its a mashup of original dead space and brawl

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