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    - My first post in over a year and a half -

    This is my second time owning a Wii as of 2 days ago.
    I'm starting off with 5 games - 2 of which are from Ubisoft or Capcom.
    So I'm pretty much split down the middle between Ubisoft / Capcom.
    Resident Evil 4 ( Capcom ) and FarCry: Vengeance ( Ubisoft )
    They're pretty much my favorite games right now.

    I'm Getting:
    MoH: Heroes 2 ( Ubisoft )
    No More Heroes ( Ubisoft )
    Resident Evil: UC ( Capcom )

    Plus I'm getting most of the Gamecube Resident Evils ( Capcom )

    I play / love stuff from other publishers too, but those 2 are probably my favorite.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NorAxeR View Post
    I'm Getting:
    MoH: Heroes 2 ( Ubisoft )
    No More Heroes ( Ubisoft )
    Resident Evil: UC ( Capcom )
    MOH: Heroes 2 is by EA not Ubisoft. COD:WAW is a much better game than MOH: Heroes 2 though.

    If you're interested in No More Heroes (Ubisoft) which is a very stylish and violent game then you should really buy Madworld (Sega) when it comes out in March. It's even more stylish, more violent and will be better than any game on your list guaranteed.
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    Madworld is set to blow Wii gaming to new heights. Sonic Unleashed IMO is the best other-console-to-wii-port so far. Sonic and the Black Knight also looks very promising and the Wii has had tons of support with the House of the Dead series.

    Segas all for Wii gamers. If you're into hardcore and own a Wii, Sega is who you should be watching closely.

    And even in the casual side, Sega Superstar Tennis, Samba De Amigo, Lets Tap, etc. are great casual games from Sega.

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