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Thread: Resident Evil 5

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheHylian View Post
    But why wasn't that the case for RE5? Is it just for the graphics that it didn't come to the Wii or did Capcom not want to work with Nintendo on this one? Either way it sucks and I really wish this whole only on one system thing would drop off a little.
    A lot of politics go into creating a game. A developer just can't say "Hey let's make this game for the Wii!!" Unfortunately it doesn't go like that, a game idea is made then it goes through like 10 people before all the details are panned out(console, exclusive or not, audience, budget etc.) Some companies like Sony even pay extra $$ to have the game be exclusive.

    Let me let you in on a little secret: I am currently writing the story to a game, but I only have 2 developers who I can present the idea to. One developer is underground and on a strict budget, another one is on a decent budget but might not take a chance on my game. IF one of them decides to take my idea, we would still need to find a publisher to fund the game. IF we find a publisher, the game would still need a lot of work before it's out. At any time the publisher could say "you know what? We don't think this game is gonna sell, we're gonna have to stop funding you" and the game becomes what could have been.
    In my opinion my game destroys other attempts on the Wii, but what's the whole point if my game cannot be created??
    In 2007 I predicted Wii Fit would sell more than Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

    EVERYONE at wiichat.com disagreed with me.

    As it stands today:

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 9.49 Million

    Wii Fit: 35 Million

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheHylian View Post
    My interest in my 360 has fallen off and I have been pondering selling it to get a Wii.
    I'd advise that you should keep the 360 if you can and get a Wii as well. Then you can get every game in the series.

    I'm not sure why RE:5 couldn't come to the Wii with some reduced graphics as the gameplay sounds quite similar to RE:4. You can't run n' gun and the levels don't sound like they are any bigger than RE:4's were either, so they could probably just use the RE:4 engine again if they wanted.

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