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    Heh, might have a go later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorAxeR View Post
    First and foremost, the second you click 'Quick Match / Player Match' in Call of Duty 2 you're instantaneously thrown into a room full of global players.
    thanks, i own the game, a few months ago when i was still playing it was the same like 30 people all night.

    You wanna bet? How are you gonna tell me my favorite online 360 game is dead when I'm the one who would know.. People play it in a hardcore fashion trying to obtain rank and achievements. Quake 4 is also popular internationally - I've seen plenty of players devout their gaming career to Quake 4 on the 360.
    also owned it for a short time, returned it due to no online matches the week i had it. i checked every day, my buddy evan talked me into getting it because he wanted to play online but couldnt
    Quake 4 fails at having a sufficient 'Quick Match' option so people who know what they're doing have to set up their search as:
    - Ranked -
    - Deathmatch -
    - Quickie - or - Average -
    50% of the time you have to wait a couple of minutes for 1 or 2 people
    50% of the time you'll find a large game that's just about to start
    i know how to use quick match or custum game type menus, but thanks for that little lesson.

    Well if you can't say anything about it then don't try. Perfect Zero is +Loaded with Player Matches - sometimes at maximium capacity which is 32 players.
    i was considering buying this game and i asked a gamestop employee and he said it wasnt active online (yes i know gamestop employees arent the most knowlegable but my gs tends to get their facts straigt)
    You really gotta get your thoughts put together and verified a lot more before you start typing them out - making yourself think you're being factual.


    Now as far as NiGHTS goes - it was more active than I thought.
    dont be an ass.

    edit: i just wanted to point somthing out, ive been staying out of the Wii section of the forum for the past year for the most part due to Wii owners general cocky attitudes and fanboyism. i'm not saying you've demonstrated fanboyism here though, dont get me wrong. anyways, its people with 30 posts who stick around for like 5 weeks and post like assholes that keep me away from this part. PS3/360 sections are much more friendly.
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