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    Quote Originally Posted by Frog View Post
    Thanks for the detailed post! I'll pick it up when it drops in price! If I can avoid the sword-fighting I'll like it. And I'll ratchet the difficulty back up to normal. I knocked it down hoping the sword fighting would be easier(i don't think it changes at all).
    The difficulty level does actually change the swordfighting a bit. It isn't too noticible for the majority of the game but it makes quite a difference on one of the bosses because he is really tough, strangely tougher than the final one. It took me about 9 attempts on normal to beat him but only 3 when I tried on easy. I can't even imagine how hard he'll be in the shadow mode. You can switch difficulty levels at the start of a boss though, so if you get stuck on one you can just bump it down to easy for the fight and raise it again after.
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