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    When you read the testamonials,it sounded legit....
    when the only reviews available are huge glowing perfect reviews. question it.

    now i can offer you REAL download/free games.
    paypal me $20 and ill get them to you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rukus View Post
    they take your money before they give you access.

    plus, they are keeping their end of the deal. they never offered fast downloads. just unlimited.
    Yeah, usually most legitimate services off some sort of free trial period because they now their product is quality

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobMac61 View Post
    ,now the helpdesk is encrypted and you have to download software to contact them
    Emphasis mine.

    What do you think that software you downloaded and installed does? Here some possibilities:
    - Collects information from your PC like credit cards numbers, email addresses, etc.
    - Captures keystrokes anytime you purchase something online so it can get credit card numbers, *** codes, paypal account information.
    - installs S/W on your PC to forward spam and send email to your friends that says something like "Hey, download this!" So, you get to share.
    - enrolls your PC in one of the botnets that allows it to participate in attacks on other systems.

    So, you've most probably been had.

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