Hi all,

I am developing a device that can be used with the Nintendo Wii Fit and gives supportive feedback during exercise. My focus is on a yoga application, which may make it to the market if there is enough potential. I have a couple of questions and it would be wonderful if you could share your thoughts and ideas with me, as these will only improve the design. So here are my questions:

- What is your general opinion on Wii Fit's yoga application?
- Do you have other experiences with yoga? Can you tell me about them?
- What do you think of the Balance board and the on-screen information you get about your balance during yoga practice?
- If there's one thing you could improve about the Wii Fit yoga experience, what would it be?
- What is your main reason for using Wii Fit?

Any reaction is highly appreciated!

Thanks and enjoy the day,

Ralph Zoontjens
Eindhoven University of Technology
Dept. of Industrial Design