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    Don't take this personally, this isn't directed at you.
    But its directed near me

    Quote Originally Posted by sprinter View Post
    1. When GH 1 and 2 were the only titles out, people could not wait for GH3. When RB was announced, people drooled... Now there are a handful to choose from (you don't ahve to buy them all you know) and I've seen a lot of posts now there are too many... First it's post after post about more more more... now it's too much, too much, too much...
    Guitar hero 80s came before the third.

    2. Looks at the other genres. How many FPS titles are out there, for the 360 for example. Or driving games as another example. I never see people say wlll now there are too many shooters, or too many driving sims etc... So how can there be too many music games?
    There are to many shooters and there all really becoming samey

    There can be to many versions of the same game (Capcom take note)
    3. Lastly, go look at a music store. I never see anybody complain about too many bands. Too many CD's to buy or listen to.
    There are to many crappy bands out there and yet theres still more coming out.

    But im not looking to start a debate about these games
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    I am a big fan of these, but I can see what you mean by too many. They change in the slightest, while if you look at FPS, there are many different kinds.

    But I'm getting a 360 over the Summer, so I'll download the demo. Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neosquid View Post
    I feel like half of what goes on in this forum involves people arguing about fish.
    Quote Originally Posted by Splash_King View Post
    We're gay gangbangers, not metrosexual hipsters.

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    Yeah but while we were playing II, and wishing 3 was out, nobody really knew about the 80's... that somewhat snuck in almost unannounced... also I glossed over that title, because by then, I had dumped my PS2 in favor of the 360, and the 80's only came out on the PS2, so honestly I kinda forgot about that one...

    Yet the point was this... When ONLY GH I & II were out, and nothing else was announced, every single person I knew playing GH, wanted nothing but more more more... Now that we are getting more more more slapped upside our heads, it's all too much... Even the person that I knew that cried the hardest for more more more... was whining to me last week that they are coming out too fast, and he can't finish one before the next one is out...

    The people that say they don't change enough from one version to the next... How much can they REALLY change? And when they do, and add new features like battle mode, then everybody cries over that... It's really no different than any other genre. Look at sports games. New rosters, slightly updated graphics, very few new items year after year... music games are just following the tried and true, and we keep buying them.

    My personal favorite complaint is the people that want no new discs, just DLC... I'm personally the opposite. I don't mind swapping discs. I'd rather have a physical copy. It's a LOT easier to take to a friends house etc... The value on disc $/per song is far greater than the value of DLC. Yes you have to buy the WHOLE disc, not jsut the tracks you want... But that's trivial in most cases, I'd buy almost every single track off every disc made so far regardless... Plus you can loan, trade, or sell the discs if you get tired of them...

    Anyways, I'm happy they keep coming out. I'll buy the ones I want, skip the ones I don't... No different than any other genre in that respect.

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